"My session with Hilary is one of the best gifts I have given to myself in years. Her insight into my personality based on my date and time of birth was so accurate and enlightening. I discovered patterns that have been influencing my decisions and behaviours, and insightful ways to deal with these going forward. The session also gave me some valuable insights into my innate gifts and talents and guidelines as to how to maximise these going forward. Hilary is both practical and insightful, she gave me notes and recordings of our meeting as the amount of information she shared would be impossible to remember. She is passionate and genuine in her work and I feel both positive and better equipped to deal with the future. I found our time together truly transformative".

Mary Kenny
Counsellor / Counselling Supervisor MIACP

"I have attended Hilary for Astrology readings over the past 10 years and have found her to be extremely gifted in this area. Hilary has an innate intuition and wisdom married with a depth of knowledge of Astrology. She gives amazing insights into our soul purpose and how to navigate the influences of the planets within our lives. Hilary is exceptional at what she does and maps out the year ahead to include major upcoming events in your life with incredible accuracy. Hilary's attention to detail and precision make it a very insightful and fun experience when attending a reading with her, one comes away feeling truly inspired".

Nikki Fitzpatrick
Occupational Therapist / Homeopath / Meditation Teacher

"Hilary Peoples is an inspired and gifted Astrologer. Astrology is a useful tool in seeing a bigger picture of one's life, it's mission and purpose from many perspectives and most especially soul growth. I have attended Hilary regularly for readings since 2003. She is clear, accurate and gets to the heart of issues quickly. She grasps large esoteric concepts and languages them in a way that is easily understood. She is passionate, learned and experienced in this field. She is supportive, compassionate and holds the vision of how to overcome challenge and see patterns that need adjustment.

Each reading is unique and tailored to the individual. Depending on what is going on for the person the reading will take its own direction. Observing planetary trends helps the personal and transpersonal journey, so it is applicable and useful for relationships, career and travel.

Often people come to Astrology as they meet a crossroads in life requiring a decision to be made or the enquirer has undergone change.
I have found Hilary's readings have supported me in the journey of becoming more conscious of who I am and my purpose. It has been useful in planning oversea trips, courses and looking at family dynamic and patterns. The readings have helped me take more responsibility for my choices and realise how to move towards fulfilling my destiny.

It is a great joy to work with Hilary. One always leaves the session uplifted, encouraged, affirmed and feeling the truth has been explored and the path forward in life clearer. There is a strong sense of coming home to oneself, appreciating one's gifts and talents and what is needed in order to grow into that further".

Eileen Heneghan